Get Out Of Debt & Start Living Life On Your Terms (Part 2)

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Alright let me guess, you have tallied up the Debt and you’re feeling defeated? 

get out of debt free spirit family budget

Don’t worry, you will get over that feeling… as long as you don’t give up and follow up with a BUDGET.

First things First…

-What does your monthly income look like?

-Do you get paid weekly or Bi-weekly?

-Do you have a significant other that you combine your income with?

All of these things come into play when figuring out your budget.

get out of debt free spirit family budget

So lets take a look at what our monthly budget looks like..

We get paid every two weeks. We also only count on 40 hours per week & we never calculate in overtime as part of the budget. So what you want to do is set your budget to the absolute least amount of what you would receive… all the rest will be extra money (put that extra money towards your debt mountain!)

Oct 6th paycheck:

8th- Internet – $60

10th- Student Loan -$71

12th- Sports Subscription -$9

17th- Netflix $10

19th- Truck Insurance $170

20th- Travel Card $27

23rd- Truck $551

25th- Gas Bill $70

25th- Bo’s Birth Loan $205

Gas for truck- $60

Food- $200

Total = $1,433



–  $1,433

= $384 Left Over 


Oct 20th Paycheck:

1st(Nov)- Mortgage $1,223.65

1st(Nov)- Phone R  $35

1st(Nov)- Phone H $35

1st(Nov)- Gym $60

1st(Nov)- Capital One R $100

1st(Nov)- Capital One H $25

2nd(Nov)- Water  $88.73

5th(Nov)- Power  $150

Gas for truck- $60

Total= $1,777.38


Pay= $1,817

– $1,777.38

= $39.62 Left Over 

This is what our numbers look like in a typical month, some bills fluctuate but for the most part its close to these numbers. You might have noticed that one paycheck we are essentially left “broke” after paying bills. We do this on purpose that way we spend less on frivolous stuff. We really only have one paycheck with “extra” money so there is less of a chance of blowing it on things we don’t need. We would rather be tempted only one time a month, not two times. Our intentions are to have the money spent on debt before we ever see the money. So our first paycheck of the month we would put $80 into our savings account (keep that baby growing no matter the amount you can contribute!) Then we have $300 left over so we look at what the next month brings us, are there any birthdays we need to shop for? If so we save money for that.. If not we may keep $50 in the account for anything random that may come up.. the remainder ($250) we put towards debt! So now that you know how much debt you have & how to do a monthly budget… you know how much money you can dedicate each month towards tearing down that debt wall that stands between you and the life that you want to live!

It’s pretty simple, have the money “spent” before you can actually spend it.

budget debt free free spirit familyThere’s a light at the end of the tunnel! We promise… 


Stay tuned for part 3, we will be giving you ideas of how to tackle Debt efficiently!

Until next time…



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