Get Out Of Debt & Start Living Life On Your Terms

Sick of feeling stuck?

Shackled to the heavy burden of debt?

Dreaming of a life you want to live but being held back because of money?

We get it… completely… we’ve been there, made it out alive after a couple years of paying it all off,  just to end up in the same situation!

First time around it was $100,000 worth of debt… We had a bunch of random debts that all added up, student loans, broken leases, medical bills out the ass, multiple car loans and much more…

This time around it’s slightly different, let me get down to the nitty gritty and show you what “Debt Mountain” currently looks like for us…

Credit Card #1   = $645.26

Credit Card #2  = $3,048.22

Consolidated Medical Loan for Bo’s birth: $4,044.74 (started off as over $10,000)

Truck Loan = $29,445.70

Student Loan Total = $30,000

Mortgage Note = $180,000

TOTAL: A whopping $247,183.92 in debt, talk about a hard pill to swallow… Almost a quarter of a million dollars in debt! In comparison with some people our age were actually not too bad off, with others (hopefully you!)  “debt mountain” gets no where close to this number.

& lets face it, this number comes with other monthly bills attached to it… the vehicle has to be insured, the house insured as well, monthly utility bills add up.. loans in general you’re paying interest on, the list goes on and on.

So there’s no wonder why you’re left dreaming of a life you want to live if you’re forking out all of your hard earned money to monthly bills…


& honestly was half of your debt necessary? Was it spent on something you could have gone without? Or did it really need to be that expensive? Bad news, you’re paying for it now! Good news, you’ve realized it! Now lets do something about it…

Climbing the Mountain.

First things first,

  1. Figure out how much Debt you’re in, the exact amounts, like I did above..
  2. Figure out how much money you make each check after taxes.
  3. Then make a budget according to your paychecks.

I will dive deeper into what our bi-weekly budget looks like in the next article and how we plan to attack “Debt Mountain” once again, until then start adding up those numbers… only way to get out of debt is to START!


Yours truly,



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