Operation Declutter

operation declutter fsf

“I can’t wait til I reach the point in my life where y’all are”

Hold on let me stop you right there…

Excuse my language, but no the fuck you don’t…

Let me rewind to about 5 years ago; $100,000 in debt to pay off and moving across the country to get a fresh start, 2 years following that we have our Debt paid off!

Such a freeing feeling…

So what do we do naturally?

Start consuming.

Buy a brand new truck: $40,000

Buy a House: $200,000

Now we have this big house that’s empty, so we need beds for the rooms, couches, side tables, dining room table, pots and pans, dishes, TVs for every room, then comes the HEFTY cable bill for those tvs and don’t forget the dvrs…

Before we knew it we were swimming in debt over our heads again and had so much shit that we didn’t even use!

operation declutter fsf

Stressful much?

So nows the time for something new and a little bit more in line with what we want out of life…

Living with less so we can Experience more.

There’s more to life than Bills & Money & Work.

So we’ve decided we’re taking on this mountain that we’ve created…

Step 1:


“Operation Declutter”

Taking a week to focus on an area of your house during the time span of a month, or if your brave knock out each area in a day & get your house back in a week! Good luck! I know I would need it 😉

While we’re Decluttering give the area you’re working on a good deep clean!


Week 1. Operation Declutter Kitchen/Dining Room

Clean, organize, get rid of things you don’t use, throw away things that are expired.

Junk drawers

Pull everything out, go through it and clean. Sweep/mop. Clean windows, light fixtures, light switches.


Week 2. Operation Declutter Living Room(s)/laundry Room/bathroom(s)

Coat closet.
Front entrance.

Clean couches, side tables, tv, entertainment center, go through dvds and anything you don’t use anymore, vacuum or sweep/mop. Clean light fixtures, light switches, front door.

Laundry room clean washer & dryer. Go through shelves or cabinets & clean/organize.

Bathrooms, deep clean & go through cabinets shelves get rid of things you don’t use and organize.

operation declutter fsf

Week 3. Bedroom

Bedside tables, shelves, go through everything in room and get rid of things you haven’t used in the last 6 months. Let’s face it, if you haven’t used it recently do you really use it enough? No… toss it! Wash bedding, pillows etc. vacuum sweep/mop.

Closets!! Closets!! Closets!!

For the big task (or at least for my household) go through your closets! Any clothes that don’t fit either sell or donate. Haven’t wore the clothes/shoes/accessories in 6 months or more get rid of it! Yes… even those “but I’ll fit in them again one day..” clothes, sell them now you will be glad you did! & when you do lose that weight (Which I know you will since you already read this) it just gives you an excuse to get an updated wardrobe later on, in the mean time you will be glad to have that clutter out of the way!


Week 4. Kids Bedrooms/spare bedrooms

Toys, toys, and more toys.

Go through toys that kids haven’t used in the last 6 months.. Giveaway, sell or donate. Organize a spot for the kids to put toys (toy box) or bins.

Kids closet.

Clothes and shoes that don’t fit either put them up for next kiddo (save that money!) sell if you don’t plan on having another kiddo or donate/pass on to another younger child you know.

Wash bedding/pillows. Vacuum or sweep mop.


***Any extra spaces that you have, garage, shed, vehicle, etc.. tack on another week to dedicate to getting that area done as well.***


Now that all that hard work is done (& by now your fingers are probably raw from scrubbing & cleaning so damn much!) sit back, relax, take a load off & have a drink….. or six! You deserve it.

Soooo right about now you should be sitting in a house that is as clean and decluttered as it has ever been (cheers!) but the real change was taking place while you were busy throwing away all those materialistic items you really didn’t need..

“Once you start to let go of things that don’t matter, you start to realize what really does…” fsf operation declutter

Such a freeing feeling right?

We want to know about your experience with letting things go, the good, the bad & the ugly. Drop us a comment below or send us a message!


& as always…. Be Free <3


-The Free Spirit Family


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