Making a Manifesto

Yet again another year is coming to an end. Was this the best year of your life? Or was it horrible?

If it was the best year ever, sweet! Let’s make this next year an even better year!

If this past year was one of the worst years then it should be easy to have a better one this next one coming up! Either way we’re going to write our Manifestos for the upcoming year.

Our manifesto is going to outline our goals, dreams, hopes, and a way to make them all happen!

First things first snag a pen & paper or the laptop whichever you prefer and…


If you don’t write it down you will forget about it by tomorrow… We want this in writing so we can look at it daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly that way we can see the upward trajectory.


Take some time to brainstorm… What has constantly been on your mind this year but you weren’t able to make it a success?

Maybe you want to…

Travel often…

Worry less…

Start your own business…

Get into the best shape of your life…

Become a more confident person…

Make more money…

Get out of debt…

Be the best you that you can possibly be…

Goals free spirit family

Now that you have taken some time to figure out your goals for the year let’s start writing our manifesto.

Personally I think the best way to write goals is to write them as though you have already achieved them. For example…

My goals for are…

I am making more money than I ever thought imaginable.

I am completely debt free.

I’m living a stress free life.


We’re going to be looking back at our Manifestos quite a bit. The small change of saying “I HAVE” instead of “I want” will help a lot with a change in your mindset! The mind is a powerful tool and if your mind believes it who’s to say you won’t achieve it.

Now that we have written our goals let’s figure out what we need to do to make them happen. Put “Accomplishing My Goals” at the top for this section.

Deep down you know exactly what you need to do to start your own business, or lose weight, or be the best you that you can be. You don’t need me to tell you how tomatter. Be specific about how you “accomplished” each goal.


We’re writing our Conclusion a little differently as well, write this paragraph as a summary of the goals you have accomplished as if you were reading it a year from today.

Manifesto free spirit family


1.Write your name at the top & date it with today’s date. “Hailee’s Manifesto”

2.Write down at least 3 goals you would like to accomplish in the next 6 months. Number them from most important to least.

3.Write down at least 10 goals you would like to accomplish in the next year. Number them from most important to least.

4.Write down how you see yourself accomplishing your goals within the next year. (Use sentences be specific. Describing what goals you have accomplished)

5. After you’ve done the above write your goals down & put a accomplish by date next to them..

For example:

Be in the gym consistently & lose the last 20 pounds by 12/1/2017 _______________

6. Put a space for your signature to be able to mark off each goal you accomplish & then date it with the date you actually accomplished the goal when you do. Remember to be realistic with your goals, don’t make them so easy that you don’t even try! “Shoot for the moon and fall upon the stars!” mentality…

7. VERY IMPORTANT! At the end do an “in conclusion” area as if you are a year ahead and you have accomplished all of the goals you have set for yourself… Write A couple sentences of where you are in life and the goals you have accomplished..

Example: I have the career of my dreams doing ______, with the help of my career I’ve become debt free, I’ve been consistently hitting the gym for the last year and my body is in the best shape of my life… After transforming my body through healthy eating & exercise I’ve been able to be a motivation to many and help others along the way & because of this I’m a much more confident & determined person.

(read this every morning and truly feel it, close your eyes and imagine that the goals you are talking about are really true, imagine this new life you now have).

Make sure to put your Manifesto where you can read it everyday. Tape it to your door, to the bathroom mirror… Whatever you have to do. For even more motivation to accomplish your goals head over to “Setting Goals & Actually Achieving Them” to find your why that drives you!

The start and end of a year is just a number but it is a good way to measure your progress. There’s no need to wait until January 1st to get started for you to say New Year, New Me…  No matter the day you can start now and improve your life! So what are you waiting for? 


Until next time,


~Free Spirit Family




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