A Letter To My Younger Self: You Don’t Need A Man

(cough cough) Naughty Language Ahead!


Hello Love,

My sweet wild child… SMILE! You are one of the few that has a gypsy soul and regardless of how much you may try to hide it, you will always be just that & that’s fine, let it shine through and never let anyone dull that free spirit of yours! You’re not everyones cup of tea and that’s fine baby, you don’t need to be. I know you’ve had your heart broken and you’re confused but I’ve finally figured it out, a simple man for you just won’t do…

Because you don’t need a man, you need a FUCKING WARRIOR!

So pack up those insecurities and the ideas about white picket fences, lets face it sweetie that was never you anyways… what it really comes down to is you need someone that can match that fire in your eyes. Someone that won’t drown those flames with the tears of his own insecurities. This Warrior of yours will desire you in every aspect, He will crave your intensity & admire your strength. He won’t see a need to tame that beautiful free spirit of yours…

Dear Woman

Your Warrior won’t be someone you can toy with or manipulate like you have to those that were before him, so darlin’ don’t even try! & truth be told you will only fall deeper in love with him because of that. You will have finally met your match, your fierceness will bring him to his knees but unlike others he won’t be scared off. No, not this time, not this Warrior… he’s been searching for you too. For he has had his fair share of failed relationships, he was left wondering if maybe he was meant to be alone. Little does he know you’re going to change that & with a quickness. This Warrior of yours needs to see that it’s possible for someone to see all of his wild & you will still be left standing there by his side grasping for more. The both of you will be in this together now, hand in hand, through this incredibly crazy thing we call life, because it takes a Warrior to love a Goddess & it takes that Goddess to show a Warrior what love truly can be.

you don't need a man you need a fucking warrior

So do me a favor sweet wild child, don’t try to run this time. Don’t be afraid, let love in with your heart wide open from the beginning & have a little bit of hope.. So hows about you give this love just one more try, I mean what could it hurt??? Well, sweet thang I hate to break it to you but there’s no stopping a love that’s set on fire.. Since this time it’s different, this time he will have no problem breaking down those walls it took so long to build… because this time it’s not just a man stepping up to the plate, it’s a FUCKING WARRIOR!

yours truly,

Hailee <3


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