Setting Goals & Actually Achieving Them!

Do you have goals?

Maybe something similar to these?

I Want to lose weight…
I Wish I could start a business…
I Want to improve my health…
I Want to fix my financial situation…
I Wish I was happier on a daily basis…

Have you struggled time and time again to achieve any of these? Or failed to even start? Yes??

Then you need to know your “why”

What's your whyWhy do you do what you do? Why do you want to achieve those goals you have in mind?

You might be asking yourself why do I need to know my why??? Because your why is for that one morning you wake up, roll over & push snooze on your alarm… that one morning you’re exhausted and don’t want to get up… That one morning you feel like giving up altogether… That one morning turns into a week of mornings, then months & then a LIFETIME. Don’t be that person! Know your why and then use it to motivate you every single day!

That one single morning that you didn’t have a why and chose not to get up could be pushing your goals & dreams back a whole 6 months or worse, years…

Have a Why do you can conquer any how

Most people spend their life focusing on what they have to do & eventually all those lists of things to do add up… It leaves you feeling like you’re never getting ahead. Life gets a lot simpler when you stop and ask yourself why am I doing these things? Then begin to use that why to fuel your fire!

My “why” wakes me up every morning! Literally… He’s about 3 feet tall, blonde hair, blue eyes & calls me mommy.. He’s my main “why” he’s the reason I get up everyday and strive for better health.. He’s the reason I strive for financial freedom… He’s the reason I strive for positive thinking EVERYDAY…

If you haven't found your why yet keep looking

If you only do one thing today, improve your life & discover your “why” 💙

& As Always, Be Free…

~Your Friend, Hailee


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  1. Jerr says: Reply

    Your rockin it… you definetly have our side of the family in you… you strenth, motivation, integrity, oh I could go on. I am so proud of you. I am glad someone is sharing and is motivating. I remember being your age; I love watching your free sprited family go go go… your going to move mountains by the time you are mine, keep on keeping on! I cant wait to see more!!

    1. HaileeStrader says: Reply

      Thanks so much for the kind words (: it’s stuff like this that keeps me going & keeps me motivated to keep doing more!!!

      Love you Jerr!!!

      Xoxo Hailee

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