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Hey Yall!

We’re the Straders… Just a free spirited family taking a stroll through this thing we call life. My name is Hailee, my other half is Robby & our little guys name is Bo.

I’d say were not your normal couple… We met through a mutual friend back when I was 17 years old and Robby was 19. When I first met him he managed to snag my streetbike helmet and put it on, A big buff guy wearing a pink helmet with a mohawk on it… It was love at first sight! He then decided to ride on the back of my streetbike after he just met me, we had a 6 hour long talk about life & we’ve been hooked on each other ever since <3

We’ve both had a roller coaster ride of a life to say the least, but hey we love roller coasters so it’s all good! Our paths crossed at the perfect time, we were both young & dumb at the time and had the same goals in life for the future. After a couple years of being together (some long distance as well), We experienced a huge tragedy, Robby’s mother passed away unexpectedly. From that point on something just instinctively clicked… We knew life was a precious thing, we knew you should live everyday like it’s your last… but now it took on a whole new meaning to us. Without saying it we both took a vow to live everyday like it was our last and to start working towards creating a life that we wanted.

The life we were living at the age of 19 & 21 was completely different then what we envisioned our life to be at that time. We were young, engaged, broke, working minimum wage jobs and in about $80,000 in debt between the both of us. We were literally catching our food for the day in the lake behind our house. In the meantime the bills kept stacking up.. how could we pay the minimum payments when we could barely even keep food in the fridge. We knew something needed to change & it needed to change fast!

So we took a leap… We moved across the U.S. over 2,000 miles away from “home”.  We were determined to change our course. That’s when Robby landed an interview that changed our lives. They called him and offered him the job just as he pulled up in the driveway. The company offered him $22 an hour, a company truck, company card, good health benefits & many other bonuses. Going from minimum wage to that we hit the Jackpot! He worked with the company for 2 years moving up the ladder & then switched to another company where he’s been climbing the ladder for 2 years making about 6 Figures annually now. In the mean time we set goals & achieved them. We’re married, had Bo, we’re no longer broke, we travel often, have a brand new truck, bought a house that we’re remodeling, started a business together & got rid of that $80,000 in debt, plus some!

We’ve come a long way but this is just the start… along our journey friends and family have asked us how we’ve done it, how do we stay motivated, what keeps us focused or asking us for advice. So this is where the Free Spirit Family website comes into play, to tell our story, to share the knowledge, tips & tricks that we’ve had to learn the hard way over the last couple years. Were here in hopes that we will inspire, motivate and help anyone that needs to take that next step in life!

What are you waiting for? Come be Free with us!


Your Friends,


Hailee, Robby & Bo 





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  1. Lisa says: Reply

    Love your story and the title of your Blog. Hard work and patience pays off and I’m sure with your positive attitudes, it will continue. Best of everything in your journey!

    1. HaileeStrader says: Reply

      Thanks for the kind words Lisa, we truly appreciate it!

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